Project Name: Mongolia Improving Productivity of Dairy Farmers (Phase III)

Project Name: Mongolia Improving Productivity of Dairy Farmers (Phase III)





Project Location within Country: Dairy farmers in the Selenge, Tuv, Khentii aimags Professional Staff Provided by your Company:

No of Staff: 3

No of Person-months: 5

Name of Client: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development /EBRD/
Start Date:

Aug 2017

Completion Date:

June 2018

Approx. Value of Services:


Name of associated firm(s) if any:

Friesian Agro Consultancy BV, Netherlands

No. of Person-Months of Professional

Staff Provided by Associated Firm(s): 5

Name of Senior Staff (Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader) involved and functions performed

Ben Braakman   Dairy specialist, Friesian

Dr. Enkh-Amgalan, Center for Policy Research Team Leader

This project will support practical on-farm trainings and the development of practical guidelines for commercial dairy farmers on production of quality winter forage and animal feeding, soil analysis and identification of appropriate types of animal feed plants, animal health, treatment of young stocks, dry and milking cows. Training will aim to bridge the knowledge gap between Mongolia’s dairy sector and a modern dairy business, to boost the sector’s productivity.
Detailed Description of Actual Services provided by your Company:

Contribute to:

·      Develop a training program and modules with both theoretical and practical components for knowledge transfer, with trainers to include international experts knowledgeable about milk production, including winter forage production for cattle and animal health and welfare;

·      Prepare and administer practical guidelines and handouts on quality forage production, including aspects such as nutrition ratios, soil analysis, selection of animal feed plants that are appropriate for the Mongolian climate conditions, product efficiency, quality and animal health and animal welfare.

·      Organise and hold on-farm practical training to cover and demonstrate aspects of preparing good quality winter feed for cattle, nutrition ratios, milk production and milk quality;

·      Organise and hold on-farm practical training on model farms in the region to cover and demonstrate aspects of animal health and reproduction, health prevention and treatments of the herd, and herd reproduction

·      Deliver training materials to farmers participating in the training;

·      Disseminate training materials to other interested stakeholders, including through educational institutions and professional associations, to support small farmers not directly involved in the training and to strengthen stakeholder networks in Mongolia’s dairy sector