Outcome evaluation for the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) of the Oyu Tolgoi company

Project Name: Outcome evaluation for the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) of the Oyu Tolgoi company with regard to 89 impacted herder households Country:


Project Location within Country: Khanbogd soum of the Umnugobi aimag Professional Staff Provided by your Company:

No of Staff: 4

No of Person-months: 16

Name of Client: Intersocial Consulting, Mauritius

Oyu Tolgoi Company, Mongolia

Start Date:

October 2017

Completion Date:

August 2018

Approx. Value of Services:


Name of associated firm(s) if any:

Intersocial Consulting, Mauritius

No. of Person-Months of Professional

Staff Provided by Associated Firm(s): 6

Name of Senior Staff (Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader) involved and functions performed

Eddie Smith, Team Leader, Director of Intersocial Consulting

Dr. Enkh-Amgalan, Center for Policy Research Team Leader

The objective of the outcome evaluation was intended to directly review the level of achievement of economic displacement commitments and livelihood restoration processes. The economic displacement compensation goal is to ensure that the livelihoods of impacted households are “improved or at least restored “(in accordance with IFC PR/PS5) as results of the resettlement mitigation activities. CPR was contracted by Intersocial Consulting as key Mongolian partner.
Detailed Description of Actual Services provided by your Company:

·      Evaluate the delivery of the 2015 compensation programme for 89 compensated herder households;

·      Evaluate outcome of soum-wide herder support programme to mitigate indirect impacts

·      Evaluate livelihood status of the 89 affected households including income levels and satisfaction with lifestyle.

·      Evaluate the impact of compensation, resettlement and general programmes on livelihoods;

·      Identify any corrective actions necessary to address gaps or other failure to achieve goals of  the 2011 RAP

·      Review existing project documents, organize fieldwork to collect primary data, data analyses

·      Present outcome evaluation results to stakeholders- herder households, tripartite council and the Oyu Tolgoi company

  • Evaluation has covered 92 herder households and found out that economic livelihoods of:
  • 7 households have declined since 2011
  •  4 households have been restored above 2011 levels; however, they are still below the soum poverty line
  • 81 herder households have been significantly raised above 2011 levels.
  • Follow-up actions have been recommended for 16 households who should receive additional support to ensure sustainable economic livelihoods