Improving Productivity of Dairy Farmers (Phase II)

Project Name: Improving Productivity of Dairy Farmers (Phase II)





Project Location within Country: Dairy farmers in the Selenge, Tuv, Khentii aimags Professional Staff Provided by your Company:

No of Staff: 3

No of Person-months: 5

Name of Client: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development /EBRD/
Start Date:

May 2016

Completion Date:

October 2016

Approx. Value of Services:


Name of associated firm(s) if any:

Friesian Agro Consultancy BV, Netherlands

No. of Person-Months of Professional

Staff Provided by Associated Firm(s): 5

Name of Senior Staff (Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader) involved and functions performed

Ben Braakman   Dairy specialist, Friesian

Dr. Enkh-Amgalan, Center for Policy Research Team Leader

Detailed Narrative Description of Project: EBRD has been supporting the Mongolian agribusiness sector since 2007. The Bank’s financing particularly included investments in almost all major dairy market players in the country. To strengthening the Dairy sector, The EBRD has selected a consortium of Dutch and Mongolian companies led by the Friesian, Netherlands to provide practical on-farm training to develop manuals for commercial dairy farmers in Mongolia. The ultimate goal of the Assignment is to improve the efficiency of milk production.
Detailed Description of Actual Services provided by your Company:

Contributed to:

·      Undertake data collection to assess the current status and current knowledge level of trainees

·      Prepare curricula on training program

·      Develop a training program with both theoretical and practical components for knowledge transfer, with trainers to include international experts knowledgeable about milk production in the region

·      Organize and hold on-farm practical training in Mongolia to cover and demonstrate aspects of milk production, handling and marketing

·      Organize and hold on-farm practical training on model farms in the region to cover and demonstrate aspects of reproduction and health

·      Organize a training on the heard management program to select farms to assist farmers in managing and planning all processes on a dairy farm and provide systemic analysis of their operations

·      Disseminate training materials to other interested stakeholders, including through educational institutions and professional associations, to support small farmers not directly involved in the training and to strengthen stakeholder networks in Mongolia’s dairy sector