Improved and Effective Implementation of Rangeland Use Agreement (RUA) between Pasture User Groups (PUG) and the soum Governor

Project Name:

Improved and Effective Implementation of Rangeland Use Agreement (RUA) between  Pasture User Groups (PUG) and the soum Governor

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Country: Mongolia

Location within Country: 7 Green Gold project aimags

Project Duration: 18 months


Name of Client: Green Gold Project, SDC, Sky Plaza Business center, Olympic street 12, Khoroo 1 14210 Ulaanbaatar Total No of person-months of the project: 29
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Completion Date:


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Name of associated firm(s) if any: No No. of Person-Months provided by Associated Firm(s): 29
Name of Senior Staff (Project Director/Co-coordinator, Team Leader) involved and functions performed

Dr. Enkh-Amgalan, Team Leader, Centre for Policy Research

·         Provided overall project management

·         Coordinated with project key stakeholders

Description of Project:

The assignment objective was to improve the capacity of herder households, PUGs, APUGs and local government for effective implementation of LUA to ensure sustainable use of rangelands resources.

Detailed Description of Actual Services provided by your Company:

  • Undertook participatory assessment of current level of implementation of LUAs with active participation of herders, PUGs, APUGs and local government stakeholders. For this purpose developed assessment questionnaire & guides for focus group discussions
  • Compiled and trained assessment survey teams

·         Organized the assessment survey covering 348 herder households in 8 selected demonstration soums

·         Formulated Action Plan for 2015-2016 with active participation of key stakeholders to improve the effective implementation of LUAs

·         Assisted local governments and PUGs, SPUGs and APUGs in implementing the Action Plan through capacity building activities

·         Organized demand driven training and capacity development activities for herder households, PUGs and APUGs and relevant stakeholders in soum and aimag government to put into practice the improved revision of LUAs.

·         Provided support to PUGs and APUGs, and local authority to establish LUAs in selected soums of Green Gold

·         Developed participatory monitoring and feedback mechanism on the implementation of LUA at the grassroots level

·         Documented best practices and lessons learned for policy lobby and advocacy

·         Provided technical support to developing and promoting the draft pastureland law