WB, Minstry of Food & Agriculture, Livestock and Agricultural Marketing Project (LAMP), 2015-2016

The project objective is to improve rural livelihoods and food security in selected aimags and soums through enhanced productivity, market access and diversification in livestock-based production systems.

The project will be implemented in the Chuluut, Tsahir and Tsetserleg soums of the Arkhangai aimag in2015-2016. The project will aim at:

Improving efficiencies along the value chains of selected livestock products, namely: meat, cashmere, dairy and wool, through the creation and enhancement of productive partnerships between producer groups such as herders and farmers, and buyers and/or processors of their products, through provision of technical assistance and training to participants in such value chains

Provision of Micro Grants to low-income female headed households, unemployed persons, and small scale herders to enable them to diversify their sources of household nutrition and income through investments in horticulture production and processing

Promoting animal health and productivity by strengthening of disease free zones and provision of veterinary services, including carrying out programs to controlfoot and mouth disease and brucellosis control including (A) acquisition of animal handling equipment, veterinary supplies and equipment, and cold chain and laboratory equipment; and (B) establishment of animal health inspection posts and buffer zone checkpoints; provision of grassroots veterinary service and herd health management services; provision of training to veterinarians and other animal health professionals and paraprofessionals

Supporting genetic improvement and enhanced breeding management through investments in sheep and goats, dairy cattle and beef cattle, including establishment, and/or rehabilitation and equipping of breeding stations; provision of training to soum livestock officers, artificial insemination technicians, herders, and dairy farmers; establishment of nucleus herds in order to create a source of genetically improved animals; strengthening of artificial insemination capacity at soum level through acquisition of equipment and supplies

Improving livestock productivity through improved nutrition, including provision of Matching Grants to herder groups for investments in livestock feed production and processing and feeding programs; and carrying out of participatory on-farm research for demonstration purposes to enable producers at large to better understand the relationship between nutrition, productivity and profitability