Pastureland Management Planning, Demonstration, Risk Mitigation and Response Planning, Sustainable Livelihoods Program-Ii, World Bank

Project Name:
Pastureland management planning, demonstration, risk mitigation and response planning, Sustainable Livelihoods Program-II, World Bank

Country: Mongolia
Location within Country: All aimags in Mongolia

Project Duration: 2.5 years

Name of Client: Sustainable Livelihoods Project Office of Government of Mongolia, World Bank
Address: Chingeltei District, Khuvsgalchdiin Avenue-38, State Building No 7, Ulaanbaatar, Tel: 322465

Total No of person-months of the project: 180

Start Date:
November 2009

Completion Date:
June 2012


Name of associated firm(s) if any:

No. of Person-Months of Professional
Staff Provided by Associated Firm(s):

Name of Senior Staff (Project Director/Co-coordinator, Team Leader) involved and functions performed
Dr. Enkh-Amgalan, Team Leader, Centre for Policy Research

  • Provided overall project management
  • Coordinated with project key stakeholders

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:
The Sustainable Livelihoods Program is intended to support the shift in Mongolia’s national anti-poverty strategy to promote secure sustainable livelihoods for all.

Detailed Description of Actual Services provided by your Company:

  • Prepared and elaborated training materials to promote bottom-up, participatory and community (herders group) based pastureland and risk management including 302 page ‘Trainers manual for community-based pastureland and risk management’ and numerous brochures and leaflets.  
  • Developed a computer software to facilitate the process of preparing a soum annual pastureland management plan and provided training to land and agricultural officers from 238 soums
  • Provided training to key representatives of 13 aimag working groups (involving aimag agricultural and land offices) and 188 soum technical committees (involving soum governors, land and agricultural officers) on bottom up and participatory planning and mapping for pastureland management, a total of 1068 individuals
  • Provided training to key representatives of aimag working groups and soum technical committees on facilitating the development of bottom-up pastureland  management proposals by bags, herders groups and herders
  • Provided training on identifying the best herders’ proposals on pastureland management, alternative income-generation, business development and marketing, household record keeping, group development, environmental assessment of herders’ projects, herders access to the project’s pastureland management support funds of around USD 5000 in each soum
  • Provided training to herders and herders’ groups on pastureland management, livestock risk management, herders group development and herders business  development in 238 soums of 13 aimags
  • Organized  exchange visits among herders and local officials to promote best practices in the area of pastureland management, risk management, group development and business development
  • Cooperated key national government, private and civil society organizations to promote sustainable pastureland management