The law on reducing the negative effects of climate change on traditional animal husbandry has been approved, and a timely and important goal has been put forward to ensure the sustainable development of animal husbandry through the power of herders’ cooperatives.

There is an expectation that this goal will be implemented in a short period of time with low risk and effectively, and will not undermine the confidence of herders.

The main risk is an attempt to solve the complex objectives of cooperative development in a short period of time without sound analyses and preparation. The risk of such a trend is likely to exist at any level, be it the value chain participants, commercial banks or credit guarantee funds and decisionmakers.

To avoid the above risks, CPR proposed a model that takes into account the credit absorption capacity of the target sector, the level of mentality and skills of the participants in the livestock value chain, such as herders, traders, processors, and consumers.

Article in Mongolian at the website dated April 26, 2024